The perks of being a classical dancer and other things

(Photo courtesy Dance Dialogues, from #StopLookGo)

Last week, my two-wheeler was towed away from a busy street in Bangalore, in one of those random pickups where they select 4 vehicles to take away from a row of 20.

I trudged to the traffic police chowky, wondering what lay in store for me. The policeman in the towing truck asked me for my driving license.

Policeman: That will be 300 rupees. Madam, what work you do?

R: I am a classical dancer.

Policeman: (suddenly hands 100 rupees back/ sings to prove it) I am a classical singer!

Towing agent: Madam why there are these dark-dark circles near your eyes?

R: Oh, I dance every day, from 6:30 am to 9 pm, so I get very tired.

(3rd hanger-on doesn’t understand, asks the others what I mean)

Policeman: Arre, daily duty!


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