Three Pluses and Minuses of Dancing in your Bedroom

How do you rehearse in a bedroom? You get creative.

+ You fit square pegs into round rooms. You become a pro at directions. You do half a phrase, then double back in the other direction and circle the room in a straight line.
You might end up with a very confused sense of direction. You can no longer comprehend the words ‘straight line’.

+ Your extensions are higher, especially when you turn, because your foot needs to slice the air ABOVE your bed and table.
You hit the table, which just happens to have a glass top, and spend the rest of the afternoon cleaning. And oh, your foot hurts like hell.

+ If your dancing adds 3D effects to your downstairs neighbours’ lives, you develop three versions of footwork (which you are equally proficient at) for each piece. They include

  • the original full power thumping version; bring on the chowk.
  • the try-to-see-what-I-can-get-away-with-before-they-call-the-police version: only stamp one foot at a time; restrict the number of audible thumps to one thump per minute.
  • the toe-the-line-before-anything-hits-the-fan version: use all those core muscles and suck in the stamping, wear padded socks, dance on a yoga mat or quilt.

Your feet have forgotten how to stamp when they meet a dance floor. They are also very confused feet.

To be continued…

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