Fragmented Fable

(Time Out Mumbai, July 2013. Photo courtesy Himanshu Singh.)

{wonkot} pushes the boundaries of knowledge, says Time Out.

Within a few seconds, the dancers in {wonkot}  turn a lump of dough into a chair, a frame and a rope, returning it to formlessness between each iteration. As they agitate the dough, the space between their palms radiates with a frisson of energy, and their gaze remains squarely directed at the audience. “In moulding the play dough, we try to articulate the idea of knowledge, vision and perception in different shapes and spaces,” said choreographer Avantika Bahl.

{wonkot}  is based on Rumi’s interpretation of the popular parable of some men and an elephant in a dark room. Touching the elephant to learn what it looks like, each person comes up with a different explanation for the creature. The four dancers, Amrita Bagchi, Antara Majumdar, Binal Shah and Soumya Lakshmynarayanan, explore parallel imaginations of the same story. Bahl, who taught contemporary dance in Delhi before studying at the London Contemporary Dance School, selected dancers from different backgrounds and put them through an intense workshop. “I sought to bring them to a common point from where they could begin to develop an organic dance language,” she said.

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